EIT Food
Government Executive Academy

an executive-level advisory and capability-building program

for public sector representatives

that offers insights into challenges related to food system innovations and regulations

EIT Food Hubs - consultations

Ideas and deepening of innovation knowledge come from local experience to growing up in an international environment.

EIT Food Hubs are regional ‘contact points’ in EIT RIS countries. These organisations are key players in their national innovation eco-systems and gather strong regional outreach and experience in supporting entrepreneurs and organising local events.

If you are interested in joining to EIT Food Government Executive Academy delivered by The Faculty of Management of the University of Warsaw you can also get more information in your local EIT Food Hubs.

From February 15th 2022 till the end of the Academy application process (March 15th, 2022), the Academy team launched consulting for Hubs to support them in expanding a knowledge of local government authorities about the EIT Food Government Executive Academy.

If you are representing the Hub and need consultation, use the Calendly link below and set up a Zoom consultation session with the Academy team.

Update: Zoom consultation is closed in 2022 Edition.